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Industrial thermal printers are designed to withstand the harsh environments and print demands of a distribution or manufacturing company.  With options ranging from 203 to 406 dpi, up to  6" print widths, lightning fast speeds up to 12 ips and available with a variety of interfaces and options (peel and present/internal rewinder), there is an industrial thermal printer for every application. 

Scanners are designed for many applications and environments ranging from multi-plane scanners for retail to rugged scanners built to withstand harsh environments.  Scan engine options include laser, area imagers, 1D/2D scanning, standard, near/far and long range.  Multiple connectivity interfaces and Bluetooth handheld and ring scanners are available.

Desktop thermal printers are affordable, lightweight and have a small footprint.  With speeds up to 6 ips, these printers are available in thermal transfer or direct thermal only models or as direct themal and thermal transfer .  Choose from 2" to 4" maximum print width, resolutions of 203 or 300 dpi and a variety of connectivity interface options.



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Rugged handheld computers are built for today's most challenging applications. They are lightweight and offer enhanced connectivity (including industry standard 802.11x, Cisco compatibility and Bluetooth).  There are several scan engines to choose from and configurations especially for cold-storage and freezer environments.

Vehicle mount computers  (mounted on forklifts and in trucks) are optimized to drive gains in productivity.  Offering a variety of screen sizes and many mounting options, there is a vehicle mount computer designed for your application.  Cold storage and freezer models are available.

Mobile printers are compact and lightweight, designed to print labels, tickets, receipts and invoices.  Various models include drop-resistant rugged variations, RFID printing and encoding and the ability to print from smartphones and tablets.  Mobile printers are commonly used in retail, distribution, transportation, warehousing and healthcare environments.