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Durable Label Products

Available in custom and stock sizes, these label products are used for harsh environments and are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures and abrasive chemicals:

  • Polypropylene DURA labels:
  • Clear polyester
  • Floodcoated polyester
  • Matte chrome silver polyester
  • Platinum silver polyester
  • OILTak labels

Choosing The Right Label

When choosing the best material for your application, the application and service temperatures, along with the amount of moisture and/or chemical contact and shelf life are important factors to consider. There are several available adhesives, including "All-Temp" (extreme cold or heat), "Cold Temp" and  "Freezer Grade".  On-site testing is critical to the success of the project so we always provide complimentary samples for testing.

Frozen Storage and Frozen Products

We offer printed product labels and blank thermal and laser labels manufactured especially for cold temperatures.  The most common applications for freezer-grade labels are:

  • Cold storage and distribution (blank and preprinted case/product/LPN labels)
  • Rack/location labels in cold storage or outdoor warehouses
  • Blast freezing/industrial kitchen applications
  • Sub-zero outdoor elements
  • Frozen food packaging
  • Corrective labeling on frozen surfaces
  • Co-packing operations