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Integrated Labels

Integrated Form Labels allow you to combine invoices or packing slips with shipping or return labels.  These forms are made of paper and the adhesive is only behind the label portion of the form.  They are commonly used for order fulfillment, invoicing and order management.  Combining multiple business processes into a single document simplifies the shipping process by printing a label and a form in a single pass through a laser or ink jet printer.

Blank Integrated Form Labels are available in many standard stock sizes or can be manufactured and printed for your unique application.

Laser and InkJet Labels

We provide labels that are specifically manufactured for Laser or InkJet printers in 8.5" x 11" and 8.5" x 14" sheets.  Although there are over 250 variations of stock laser labels available for immediate shipment, many of our customers have unique applications that require a custom label. 

Laser labels are stocked and can be custom made in white or floodcoated (color) paper or synthetic material, metallic or foil.  We even offer a weatherproof laser label that can be submerged in water and will not smudge.  There are a variety of adhesives available, including standard, aggressive (all-temperature) and removable.