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Why Partner with PriMedia Source, LLC?

Printing technologies for LPN labels include thermal printing (with a ribbon) and high speed variable imaging on a press.  Depending on the quantity of labels, face sheet and adhesive, we work with our clients to determine the most cost effective solution.  We offer complimentary database management to ensure that there will not be duplicate numbers delivered - this is especially important when there are multiple warehouses/locations working with the same WMS.  Because these labels are critical to your business, we offer complimentary "make-and-hold" programs.

Types of LPN Labels

LPN labels are delivered preprinted, most commonly on rolls, with consecutive barcodes on them.  They are usually a paper labelstock with removable, repositionable, permanent or cold temp adhesive (depending on the environment and application).  Since LPN labels are printed as a custom item, there are a variety of stock and custom sizes and colors to choose from.  The size of the label is usually dependent on the size of the case, bin or pallet that it is being applied to.  Most of our customers who label pallets choose a corner-wrap label with 2 barcodes on each label so that the pallet can be scanned from two sides.

LPN Labels

Preprinted License Plate Number labels (often called LPN, Serialized or Sequential Labels) are used in a warehouse with most Warehouse Management Systems to track productst from the time they enter the warehouse.  Each handling unit (pallet, bin or case) is labeled with a LPN Label (reference number) as it gets entered into the system so that the details of the pallet, bin or case can be accessed by scanning the barcode.  Many times, the information associated with the LPN number includes the quantity, pertinent dates and lot numbers. A LPN label is a preprinted label with a number that is unique to that pallet, bin or case.